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[6 PACK] fixate GEL PADS, Sticky Pad Anti-Slip GEL – can stick to glass, mirrors, whiteboards, Metal, kitchen cabinets and tile, car GPS and many more

Price: EUR 5,59

The introduction of Fixate Gel Pads: designed to be an elegant solution to solve anything, anywhere. fixing gel pads have a large surface area that makes them strong, durable, malleable, and extremely versatile in their uses. In addition, using minimalist design principles we have created an elegant product that will compliment your device, style and home. Through many hours of research and consulting with people who know, we’re super proud of the formula we realize that the tightness, durability and versatility of Fixate. Our composition of the material is what distinguishes us from other similar products on the market and reach the goal we wanted to achieve. Fix Gel Pads are malleable, mold them around nothing! Fix Gel Pads are thin and pliable, making them great for attacking unusual or irregular shapes, as well as hiding the keys, the organization of the cables and follow Go Pro skateboard! We worked closely with our producer from the beginning to ensure the composition of the sealing material provides a safe solution for the most precious devices and versatile enough to hold everything you challenge! it is safe to use on any surface, it is available in two useful forms and can be cut to any size to your specific needs. Using only the finest materials our gel pads are reusable and have an extended life.You can protect your phone, pillow, remote control, camera, speakers, glass for water, key stock to glass, mirror, whiteboards, Metal, Kitchen, cabinets or tiles, car, house, and much more. To delete everything, everywhere.
Strong, durable, moldable and extremely versatile in ‘use. In addition, the ‘use of principles devices have an elegant product, its minimalist design, style and compliment Hom is processed
Fixate GEL PADs can be repeated yearly, they can be reused. Gel quality is excellent. Warm not affect stickiness.
Pads have 3.5-inch diameter than ideal hiding to paste unusual or irregular shapes and key, the ‘organization of cables and paste Go PROS Skateboards. More fun is waiting for you to discover.
Dust or dirt reduce the attachment. Simple. Just clean with water, to renew the stickiness. Avoid Extreme heat conditions.

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